I'm Making a Video Diary

Hello friends and family. I have a very important announcement to make:

Because I'm obviously not online enough already.

Just kidding. Sorry, Dad.

But in all honesty, we know this is something I've tried to do several times. Each time I've started, I eventually became embarrassed and self-conscious, afraid that I'll be made fun of or not have any friends or something like that. I wanted people to laugh with me, not at me.

The thing I kept forgetting each time I'd jump ship was that, despite posting all of this on a very public platform and sharing very private elements of my life with a world of strangers, I was doing this for me. I'm the one making this content, and I can do it however I want. I've always enjoyed film as a medium (just ask my mom about the stop-motion videos I made with my dolls) because it takes so many components to create a finished product. It satisfies my thinking mind.

In addition to the creative element of producing a well-made video, this particular format gives me the opportunity to practice "doing it afraid." In my first video, I talk a little about how I've always been petrified of speaking out loud to myself when I'm alone. Surprising, right? Additionally, I need to gain confidence in myself, my ideas, and my abilities and figure out how to care a little less about the perceived judgment of others and a bit more about making myself happy. So I've taken a foray back into Youtube vlogs. I'll be posting more throughout the year.

I'm excited to see where this goes, and I hope you decide to come with me. Thanks for reading. And watching. See ya soon.

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